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Some Sikh names can be used either for girls or boys.The identifier of gender is the use of Kaur or Singh as last name.
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Abinaash - Eternal, immortal
Agamjot - God's light
Agampreet - The lover of God
Ajaib - Wondrous Being
Ajaipal - One whosecaretaker is the Lord
Ajeet - Invincible,unconquerable
Akal - Timeless
Akalbir - God's immortalwarrior
Akaldeep - The Eternal Lamp,God's Lamp
Akaljot - The Eternal Light,God's Light
Akalnivas - Onedwelling in the Eternal Realm
Akalpreet - One who loves theTimeless Being
Akalroop - Of eternalform, of eternal beauty
Akalsharan - The one takingshelter in God
Akalsimar - Oneremembering the Eternal God
Akalsukh - Forever in peaceand delight
Akas - All pervading, as greatas sky
Aman - The one who ispeaceful
Amanbir - The one who fightsfor peace
Amandeep - The lamp of peace
Amandev - The god of peace
Amanjeet - One who attains topeace
Amanjeevan - One wholives a peaceful life
Amanjot - Radiating the lightof peace
Amanpal - The protector ofpeace
Amanpreet - One who lovespeace
Amanroop - The embodiment ofpeace
Amanvir - The one who fightsfor peace
Amar - The immortal one
Amardeep - The lamp ofimmortality
Amardev - The immortal god
Amarjeet - Forever victorious
Amarjot - The Immortal Light
Amarleen - Forever absorbedin God
Amarpreet - The immortal Loveof Lord
Amrit - God's Nectar
Amritbaan - Living anectar like way of life
Amritleen - One imbued in theLord's Nectar
Amritpal - Oneprotected by the Lord's Nectar
Anaad – Beginning less
Anadjot - One whoradiates the Lord's Light
Anand - One who is blissful,delightful
Anandjot - The Light of Bliss
Anandleen - Oneabsorbed in the Lord's Bliss
Anandroop - Of blissful form;radiating bliss
Anant - Endless, boundless,infinite
Anantarjot - God's Light
Anantdev - Of Immeasurabledivinity
Aneel - Holy, immaculatebeing
Angad - One who is embraced byGod.
Anokh - Extraordinary andwondrous
Anoop - Matchless beauty
Anoopbir - Beauteous and brave
Anoopjot - Radiating theBeauteous Light
Anooplok - Resident ofthe Beauteous Realm
Antarjot - The Divine Lightwithin
Antarpreet - One wholoves the Light within
Aseem - Limitless, infinite
Atamveer - Spiritually brave
Aveer - brave, one who fightsfor peace
Avtar - Incarnation of God