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Kids: Avoiding theBed Wetting

Wet nights with kids are mostpeevish experience for the parents and kids both. Parents are required to take a healthyapproach to this problem without any resentment and anger. But why do kids weta bed? There are many reasons behindthis and they are more related to the emotional and physiological functioningof body.
Here are the few reasons:

Genes: Through researches it has been discovered that if both theparents have been wetting the bed until age of 6 then their kids will be having75% chances of repeating so. If one of the parents was wetting bed then chancesare 44%.

Deep Sleeps: Often kids sleep heavily and forget to revive thesignal of bladder being full so they loose control over the physiologicalprocess and urinate in the bed. Generally this is due to the untrained brainthat should generate the full bladder feeling signal with intensity more thansleep.

Small Urinary Bladder: Sometimes the liquid is more filtered out ofkidneys and bladder is small to hold the entire night’s liquid then also theurination occurs.

Parents can consult doctor forruling out the possible cause of kidney problems like stones which can triggerthe process of bedwetting. Another discrepancy that can lead to bedwetting isthe breathing disorder commonly known as the sleep apnea. The disruptedbreathing can cause disturbed sleep cycles and can cause bedwetting at somepoint of intense sleep. If none of these are the causes then the problem is thatnatural training is not successfully completed.

This problem of bedwetting can becurbed by psychological training of child. Kids can be taught to wake up and peein the bathroom. Excessive liquids, caffeine, lemonades, juices etc. should beavoided and if not possible then they should be minimized during and afterdinner. As more liquids in belly tendsto produce more urine during the night. Make a routine of urination beforegoing to bed so that kids have their bladder empty during sleep. Tell thembenefits of waking up in night and urinating. In case of accidents, neverrebuke, just comfort the kid that it just happened and will not be happeningagain. Allow kid to sleep diaper on and if remained dry for a week or beyondthen its good to remove diaper dependency. Getting rid of bedwetting is slowprocess requiring considerable patience with constant encouragement over everydry night.

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