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Health Problems: Common Cold and Viral Fevers

Common cold in infant and kids ismore distressing and it almost eats up a major portion of the body energyleaves fatigue and weakness after it has subsided. Common cold is caused byvirus which has 200 different types and prominent one that is more responsibleis ‘rhino virus’. When these viruses enter the respiratory tract they infectthe sinus, nose linings, trachea other parts creating the irritating andburning sensation. The symptoms of common cold are leaking nose, sore throat,cough, nasal congestions fevers and extreme headache. The fever dies out quickwhile nasal congestions and runny nose, sore throats and throat roughness andother matters like sneezing continue well over a week. Even if you visit adoctor he will just examine your respiratory tract and will prescribe you somemedicines. The common cold is seasonal disease which generally occurs whenthere is shift in the weather from cold to hot, hot to rainy and rainy to cold.It is contagious and spreads via handshake, or standing against the sneezingperson. Any one who is living with family can be a better cause of common coldto others as well.

There is no treatment so fardiscovered by the medical research personnel for common cold. None of theantibiotics are helpful in reducing the intensity nor do they make symptomsmild. The main work of antibiotic is to keep other viruses and bacteria awayfrom attacking respiratory tract. The natural remedies like gargling warm water,taking steam buffs of eucalyptus oil, menthol and other herbs that couldrelease nasal congestions helps more. Essentially these herbs do not cure thecold, but, they only dilute certain symptoms which, is some of relief. Takinglots of warm liquid also helps in maintaining the fluid loss by body. Next partin common cold is that it remains for minimum 5 days and if, it remains formore, than an immediate check up with proper diagnosis should be done by doctoron you. While you are on common cold avoid touching the objects and peoples. Keepingoneself in one’s room make others comfortable as well and wipes out thepossibility of its spreading.

Infants are moredrastic sufferers because they are not trained for such infections and it maybe that they may succumb to greater infections if not properly taken care of.The warm cloths, proper medications and care can do some amount of relief tothe infants.

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