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Baby Skin Care

New born baby is very supple andagile and has very thin layer of epidermis (outer layer of skin). A slightrough touch can develop the rashes. Skin care in such situation becomes very obviousand demanding. Baby skin care can be carried out in two ways.

Home trusted and tested skin care formulations: Generally theseformulations are based on home remedies and grandma’s secret formulae lists. Theinherited experience of grand parents and the continued unharmed results ofthese formulations carry out successful baby skincare through generations.

Commercial Products: Manycompanies have developed a range of skin care products that are especially forbaby up to two years old. They are soaps, lotions, shampoos, liquid baths, babypowder, baby make up packs and baby massage oils etc.

Massage: For baby massage olive oils, coconut oil and all thosemulti - refined and softened are best. These are available with every medicalcounter and other baby product stores.

Bath:The lukewarm water bath makes the baby clean and addition of few drops ofessential oils also disinfect and perfumes the water. The very fine ground bentoniteclay is best to wash baby’s skin and a soft towel must be used to wipe out theextra moisture. The skin oils either coconut oil or olive oil can be applied onthe skin if needed. During bath, soaps and shampoos can be used as needed. Theymust be free from irritating chemicals like DEA, parabens, TEA, quaternium fifteen,imidazolidinyl urea, SLS, etc. and other preservatives.

Post bath Applicators: Lotions and creams that are speciallyprepared for babies can be applied in winter when skin tends to get dry. Alwaysgo for the natural cream as winter moisturizer and avoid the petroleum jelly asit causes allergy. Powders are also used as post bath applicators generally inmonsoon and summer when the moisture content and sweating are more respectivelyin body creases. The genital area, arm pits, neck creases and back are theareas where powder is applied. Powders containing bentonite clay and cornstarchare recommended and those containing talc must be seriously avoided.

Other Skin Protections: Babies often get nappy rash due to theallergenic chemicals in nappies, diapers and also due to the cloth rough edges.The nappies and diapers must be washed before they are used, should beallergenic chemical free and if possible changed frequently. For germs not todevelop in them they must be washed in antimicrobial solutions. For nappyrashes the medicated creams containing Zinc Oxide and chamomile can be appliedtopically.

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