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Baby Health : Urinary Infections and Stool Soiling

The two main problems that continuouslystop a child from being hygienic are stool soling and urinary infections. Stoolsoiling commonly known as encopresis is result of constipation. Further we go,the problem of constipation arises from three factors one is the unusual diet,second is internal problem and third is due to the medication side effects. Theconstipation often makes child to feel uneasy on defecation because during thatprocess very small quantity of stool is ejected through rectum. This may alsolead to stool dangling, stool passing out in small intervals and making thechild’s underwear dirty. The children with irritable bowel syndrome are moreprone to stool soiling, because during defecation the constipated stool createspain in rectum and feeling of uneasiness. Due to this child stops the stoolfrom ejecting out. This stool portion breaks up into very small parts and wetwatery content hangs out of anus, anytime spoiling the underwear.

Cure to this is simple. Firststep is to cure the constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Child should befed with high fibrous diets, no caffeine liquids with essential use of lemon ornatural vitamin C. If problem is related to the birth defect, then it must becheck upon and options must be searched for its rectification. Consulting adoctor for proper medical treatment in such matters makes thing easier.

Next is urinary tract infection(UTI) which is a common problem among children. When bacteria attacks anywherebetween the urinary tract that is from kidney to bladder the irritatingurination symptom appear and the disease is called Urinary tract infection.During UTI there could be all or any one of the symptoms present i.e. burningsensation while urinating, frequent urination and urination with blood, backand tummy pains. UTI is generally caused by bubble baths, close fit garments,urine held for long times and unhygienic underwear. The girls are more affectedby UTI because of nearness of rectum to uterus and when they wipe back to frontafter defecation.

Treatment of UTI areavoidance of bubble bath, proper medication as prescribed by the doctor and forgirls they should habituate to wipe front to back so that bacteria from rectummay not enter uterus and vagina. UTI patient are advised to drink lot ofpurified water and urinate as often as the body resorts to. Other precautionsare use of loose cloths, changing of underwear daily and giving proper time forurination.

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