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Child Personality:Aggression, Humility and Forgiveness

Children are raw clay moulds andthey get rigid as they are shaped and baked. Well seeing the root of all thepersonal conflicts there is an action to which there are reactions. Childrenreact to an action performed upon them. They are more sensitive regarding theresponses that they receive from parents and peers. They still place the parentreplies and responses on top rather than any one else. So when you find a childin resentment and aggression what should be your course of action? The answerto this question depends upon two conditions.

Aggression due to peers: When children get a negative response tothe expectations, they have with their peers; they get aggressive and even cango on fighting with them. In this condition best remedy is to make a compromisebetween peers and child and explaining the child the others point of view onthe particular situation. Some children never show off their aggression onpeers but they come and express their anger on home objects. Well for suchchildren the gradual session are needed to expel out the real problem andestablish a defined positivism. This will induce the forgiving nature andhumility that is real out come of understanding. Here positivism necessarilymeans the assertiveness not the spoonerism or cowardice.

Aggression Due to Parent’s Remarks: Some kids get aggressive due tothe constant rebuke or reprimand they get from parents. They began to competewith the whole world and try to crush every thing that is beyond their reach.In this sequence they even not hesitate to bully the weaker candidates torelease their emotions. For such children parents have to take initiative. Theyhave to be more compassionate, forgiving and understanding in their personalmatters. If they find child becoming aggressive they should perform correctivemeasures to generate a healthy social - personal front of child.

Children also feelbad when they do some blunder. They face double stress, one is from self ofbeing incapable to avoid the blunder second is from parent’s punishment. Sothey become anxious in this stress management. Parents need to be solutionminded. Even if a child has done serious blunder at home then trying ontopacifying his/her anxiety is more important rather than being angry.

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