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Child Personality: Focusing and Learning

Children are avid learners butthey carry on the task of learning at their whim and irregularly. They try toknow what surrounding means to them, yet they are highly unfocussed. Yeschildren learn fast but in very haphazard way. They are highly curious andoften this distracts the way they perceive the information to their brains. Focusingis one of main problems for the parents when their children start going toschool. Often they feel children are not giving attention to learning at schooland at home. Slowly they carry on the matter to school heads or themselves witha definitive purpose of correcting the child.

There are many ways through whichparents can improve the concentration of child to aid in learning. Below arethe ways through, which child can learn focusing.

Physical control: Physical control is an excellent way to get achild focused. It is recommended to start slowly with maximum of physicalexercises and movements. Like you can put a long narrow wood plank resting on1/2 foot high stumps. Ask your child to walk from one end to other withoutfalling. In this process you can ask the child to stretch the arms outside tobalance themselves. This improves the mind body coordination and trains thechild how to focus on a task.

Objective Focus: Place an object on the ground and ask your childto make a circle around it. Then tell make more small circle around it. Thismakes the child to learn about the focusing related to a particular object.Another method is time controlled mild jogging. In this child is said to jogfor one or two minutes which is rhythmic to seconds’ i.e. in 60 seconds childhas to take sixty steps not more not less. This method creates a powerfulfocusing lesson while it also keeps the exercise going on.

Jigsaw puzzles: These are excellent puzzles, which improve memory,logical reasoning, and concentration. It also induces the creative thinking inchild making brain thinking to expand. Similarly word scramblers, wordjugglers, crossword puzzles, math puzzles, anagram games etc. are best toimprove focused learning.

Computer games: Recent studies have shown that some computer gamesimprove the visio - sapatial cognition (hand to eye coordination) among thechildren and they just got more attuned in mind for sharp observations.

Meditation: Now days the advance researches have shown that activemeditation techniques can improve focusing and learning very much. Certainobjects like big scenery of mountains, waterfalls, sea shores, large images,posters etc., are used in initial focusing practice and slowly it is taken to highermental levels through closed eyes. In this technique music supported focusingis also carried on so that it actively involves the auditory brain of child inthe required task.

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