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Finding a Nanny

Child care is of utmost importanceand parents cannot procrastinate on this matter. Equally important is to find agood nanny, so that child care is properly implemented. Parents can search for ananny through various channels. Some of popular places to get a nanny are:

  • Classified advertisement in newspaper, internetwebsites,
  • Campus Recruitment: directly recruiting from thenanny schools, institutions
  • Personal approaches: Seeking references fromothers, Asking others about a nanny
  • Recruitment agencies

In the search of a nanny, parentsshould perform the steps of interviewing and selecting the right candidate. Theprime concern in hiring a nanny is “what to look for? Generally a nanny worksas a second mother, comforting the child with compassionate behavior, carryingon the uplifts of child when needed, become a child’s second partner in thegames and playful activities and a housekeeper for child belongings. Nanny alsocommunicates the experiences during work hours to the parents with aconstructive outlook. How, all these duties are carried on with effortless easeby a nanny is mark of her success. In an interview, for hiring a nanny, parentsmust discover the whole of the personal attitude of the applicant and all thecross references with track record thoroughly checked. An interview may notreveal some of the hidden traits, so hiring for trial period can be sought for.The trial hiring often proves to be an understanding period between parents andnanny. Before hiring parents must consider the pay or remuneration they wish tooffer to nanny. Eventually high pay attracts many candidates, but a reasonablepay attracts right candidates. So an appropriate pay should be settled upon sothat it should not create any misgivings on either side.

Once the hiring isdone, the parents are advised to allow the personal charisma to develop amongthem and a nanny. This often proves to be a good start for the properfunctioning of the childcare and eventually the place for a nanny in the familygets allotted. While a nanny is responsible for the childcare, parents must notimpose the excessive demands of treating their child like an emperor. Also itmust be strictly remembered by parents that a nanny is not a home servant. Eventhough there is a fine line of demarcation, still better it is, to never imposethe decisions on a nanny for off track works i.e. jobs other than child care.

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