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Baby Potty Training

As the child grow, the parentshave more responsibilities to train the child perfectly in daily routines and toeffectively ease out using a potty. Generally after an age of two years thechild needs to be trained for the personal hygiene and toilet uses. Yes this isthe time when a child or kid can be trained for using the potty.

Understanding: First you have to know what your child’s reactionsare regarding a potty. Go for shopping a potty, while kids accompanying you. Thiswill be first way to know what are the reactions of kids regarding a potty. Assoon as you have potty in home try to leave it for child’s inspection. As kidsare much curious they will investigate on its usage and try to self train. Besidesthat you should buy some required accessories for toilet training. Explain theuse of potty as natural and funny matter to your child. Getting familiar withpotty will induce the confidence in a toilet - timid child, while thisintroduction will work miracles for normal child. Showing them theillustrations, photos, explaining them the causes and answering all theirqueries will make child to understand what a potty means to them. Let them sitin a potty when they are on full clothes before actual use.

Training to Use Potty: Politely persuade use potty while the childis feeling to ease up. If kids resist then do not force. Normally kids try totrain themselves and they usually prepare shield for themselves for anyinstructions. Let them build mental structures and acclimatize themselves withthe process. Meanwhile, if kid wets their diapers never get angry. Let kid runwithout any pants in the house for some moments and just tell them to ease offin the potty if they feel so. This self imposed potty training worksexcellently with child when a reward is associated with that.

The Complexities: Some kids try tohold stool creating more problems for the parents to carry on potty trainingeffectively. Try medications for loosening the stools so that they do not feelawkward while you train them. Potty training must be associated to funactivities. Interact with kid while he/she uses potty, teach something withaffection and even if something goes wrong, just be compassionate not rude orangry. And most important is to try to listen to kid’s reaction during pottytraining very carefully. This will make you judge the true problems and developtheir solutions as well.

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