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Removing the Night Fears In Babies

Child is fearful at night, oftencrawls in your bedroom and you are worried about this in the morning. Well it’snatural for child to feel insecure and become fearful and this can be over comeby behavior modification therapy and mental programming. Why a child isfearful? There are many factors that can cause night fear; however the roots ofall these fears are feeling of insecurity and loneliness. This feeling can beremoved by certain measures.

Children often fantasize about theircomic hero or cartoon character played on television. Later in night they tryto play with them in dreams. The uncommon imagination comes as nightmare, whichis recall of scary scene on television and when they wake up they are alone inbed. Then they began to have a feeling of loosing themselves. Only remedy is tolimit the TV channels to healthy programs and strictly avoid watching scary moviesand programs. Often children retreat to parent’s bed while they feel fear innight. Remedy is to direct the child to sleep in his/her bed assuring aboutnone of the scary monsters they feel about are in the dark room. Eventually parentscan also make some arrangements like night lamps in the room and flashlight bytheir bedside. Teaching them how to reach for the flashlight and use it tolighten the dark room in case they wake up. You should avoid remaining near thechild’s bed till sleep occurs. Talking to the children about night fears is away to know what they dream and why they dream so. Once you know about theirimaginations you can modify their thinking by constant appraisal of fearlessthinking.

Children sometimes arenot tired enough to immediately succumb to sound sleep. The time they spent inbed is a gap between sleep and wake state and at this moment their brain startsrecalling every sort of imaginations. This is the time they began to developthe fearful images in the dark room. As parent you can persuade child to followdinner, walk and sleep system. They will fall asleep on the bed quickly and easilywith this system. Alternatively teach them to listen to their favorite audiobooks and music while trying to sleep. This will never keep their mind wanderto weird thoughts. Also tell them to repeat some positive assertions like I ambrave, Lord always helps me etc., while they are trying to sleep. Makingchildren fearless in night is not very complex task. Children only needassurance of security, if you show them how to develop secure self then yoursuccess is almost done.

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