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Sleep Problem in NewbornBabies

New born babies are also prone tosleep problems and they have very unusual sleep patterns for six months. Generallya new born baby sleeps 18 to 22 hours with break cycles of 1 to 3 hour. Thissleep time usually comes down to 16 to 12 hours within a span of six months. Thereare many steps that are necessary to understand the new born baby’s sleep trainingand their related problems.

Sleeps in Arms Only: A new born baby feels comfort in mother’s armsand if they are left alone in the crib, they wake up and began to cry. Probablythis is due to the sensitivity of mother - child relationship, which is a naturalphenomenon. This problem is tackled by understanding the comfort of new born,giving them ample time, slowly disassociating them with the sleeping in thearms factor and introducing a crib for their sleeping and settling place. Whilein crib proper swathe could reduce the need of baby crying to sleep in mothersarms.

Tired babies: A new born baby gets tired very easily and even ifyou wrap cloth or swaddle they try to undo it or feel discomfort at it. Theconfident approach to this is slowly and evenly swaddle while being careful. Atired baby tends to sleep and over tired babies cry and yell at the discomfort.It is very necessary to understand, when, a baby is tired. Usually an infantmust not be out of bed more than an hour because this is also one of causes ofovertiredness.

Bedwetting, hunger and Illness: New born babies often get disturbedin sleep when they get wet; they are hungry or have some illness like stomachache etc. These are common routines that are associated with a new born.Parents can learn about the hunger and baby cleansing times so that they areminimally disturbed. Regarding the illness immediate medical consultationshould be arranged with a pediatrician to avoid the sleep discomfort.

Sleep Associations: Babies often sleepwhile feeding or rocking. This can be disassociated slowly by introduction ofnovel methods of sleeping like sleep with a brief play activity after feedingis over. Disassociation from sleeping while feeding can be done with helppacifiers, which is an earlier step to feed - play - sleep routine. Often babiessleeps in a rocking cradle. Well this sleep training can be disassociated tocot sleeping by slow and steady steps of shifting the baby from cradle to cot withease.

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