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Useful Baby Car Seat Accessories

A wide range of baby car seat accessories are available in the market,which can help make your car seat more useful for the baby. These carseat accessories are also designed to make the journey more relaxingand fun for your child, although it is recommended that a lot of extrababy car seat accessories should not be used as they can causeunnecessary harm and injury to the child in case of a severe accidentby breaking away and hurting the baby. Car seats are not tested withextra accessories; therefore, it is advised to use them wisely.However, some car seat accessories can be very useful and do not harmyour child when used. Here is a list of some popular car seataccessories which you can order to make your baby car seat more useful,comfortable and secure:

Infant Car Seat Base – Ordering an extra car seat base provides easeand convenience to parents to move their child from one vehicle to theother with ease, without having to install the car seat in the vehicleeach time. Extra car seat bases are affordable and can be used in asecond vehicle, or in grandpa’s car. You will simply need to take offthe infant carrier from the first vehicle and click it in place in thesecond vehicle with the extra infant car seat base. An extra car seatbase also saves you the money of buying a completely new infant carseat, which can be expensive.

Seat Belt Locking Clip – Seat Belt Locking clips are designed to securethe car seat in place tightly. Any car seat which moves more than aninch side to side or from front to back indicates that it has not beensecured tightly in place. In such a case, car seat locking clip can beused with the vehicles lap and shoulder seat belt system. The speciallyshaped slots of a locking clip can fit all vehicle seat belts andensure your child’s safety. Locking clips are always a useful item tokeep in store with you in case you need them in an emergency.

Padded Car Seat Strap Covers – Car Seat Strap Covers made from paddedfoam are designed to provide a soft wrap around the vehicles hard seatbelts which can harm kids. The vehicles seat belt and even that of theharness can rub against your childs sensitive skin, irritating it.Padded car seat strap covers are made from absorbent cotton and providea soft and gentle touch to your child. They also feel very comfortableand come in different colors so you can order ones which go with yourvehicles interior or match the baby car seat.

Neck Support Pillows – Various ergonomically designed support pillowsprovide head and neck support for babies. The support pillows alsorestrict side to side movement of the head when the child falls asleepin the car seat. Most neck support pillows like Baberoo NeckSaver canbe used for new born babies to up to 2 years of age.

Seat Belt Positioner – Seat Belt Positioners are designed for shorterdrivers and passengers and also for children to pull the child’sshoulder belt away from their face and neck. The positioner pulls theseat belt away from the shoulder towards the chest and keeps it low.This provides a natural fit to shorter passengers and kids andpositions the seat belt in a comfortable and correct position. SeatBelt Positioners are very easy to install and allow the lap belt toremain snug across the hips.

Seat Protector Mat – Seat Protector Mats are designed to protect thevehicles upholstery from getting damaged by the baby car seat. No dustor food particles will accumulate below the car seat base and the mapwill also protect the upholstery from your childs feet. Car SeatProtector Mats also provide storage space to carry baby items with youwithout cluttering the back seat of the vehicle.

Car Seat Sun Shade – Baby car seat sun shade covers are designed todeflect the sun’s heat and UV rays to keep the baby car seat cool andprotected, especially in hot weather. Vehicles can get really warm whenthey stand outside in the sun all day and putting your child in a verywarm car seat can make your baby extremely uncomfortable. In such acase, parents can use these elastic sized covers to fit just any carseat and protect it from climatic effects.

Author: Richard Winer
Website: Dependable Car Seats

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